Am I eligible to official use car price?

Anybody who can provide us with an attestation that the car will be used also for professional purposes is eligible to benefit from this discount. You may download the form to be filled in by your supervisors at the following link. For detailed information, you are invited to contact us.

What is the special discount that you provide to Members of Afiliatys?

Afiliatys Members benefit in addition to all other diplomatic discounts free of charge of Volvo accessories depending on the car model:

Model XC40   200 EUR free of charge Volvo accessories of your choice

Models 60      250 EUR free of charge Volvo accessories of your choice

Models 90      300 EUR free of charge Volvo accessories of your choice

Model XC90 Plug in Hybrid  400 EUR free of charge Volvo accessories of your choice Volvo accessories page  Accessoires – Accessoires Volvo Cars

I would like to extend my Volvo warranty?


Today, the Volvo Factory warranty in Belux is 2 years as standard for every vehicle.

The customer can extend his warranty up to 5 years in total. Depending on the moment he wants to do this, we have 2 different products.

  1. Warranty extension Day1 (new cars)
    • Product: in-house Volvo Extended Warranty
    • When: New cars up to 30 days old at max (30 days after retail delivery)
    • What: This is a prolongation of the factory warranty up to a maximum of 5 years in total.
    • Products: +1, +2 or +3 years with 30.000 km a year or the long version with a maximum of 200.000 km.
      • All details on product page (see link below)
  2. Warranty extension Day2 (nearly new cars)
    • Product: CarGarantie Volvo Extended Protection
    • When: New cars between 30 days and 24 months old, with a maximum of 60.000 km ( RD > 30 days and < 24 months).
    • What: This is a warranty insurance for nearly new cars up to a maximum of 5 years in total.
    • Products: +1, +2 or +3 years with 30.000 km a year or the long version with a maximum of 200.000 km.
      • All details on product page (see link below)

So briefly: if you want to extend your warranty you have to choose between one of the above options. Your choice solely depends on the age of the car (< 30 days or > 30 days after RD).

Please note that the coverage of both products is not identical. More information can be found in the product documents on the webpages!

This is the in-house Volvo extended warranty: Volvo Car Extended Warranty | Volvo Car Belux (volvocars.com)

This is the CarGarantie Volvo extended protection: Volvo Car Extended Protection | Volvo Car Belux (volvocars.com) This is the general page where you can choose one of both: Prolongez votre garantie après la garantie d’usine | Volvo Car Belux (volvocars.com)

Is Volvo insurance valid in my home country?

Please refer to the following link to see the list of countries where Volvo insurance is valid: Green Card Bureaux | Council of Bureaux (cobx.org)

How can I renew my Volvo on Call? What is the cost?

There are two ways for you to renew your Volvo on Call

  1. Online via:

Renouvellement de l’abonnement Volvo on Call | Volvo Cars in FR or

Volvo On Call-abonnement vernieuwen | Volvo Cars in NL

You can do it yourself, but only in NL or FR.

Prices are 39 EUR/y or 67 EUR/2y.

  • Through the dealership.

In this case, the Volvo on Call renewal needs to be ordered through Volvo Vision.

You need to get in contact with our reception at +32 (02) 712 60 70 to book the reservation for your car.

Prices are39 EUR/y or 67 EUR/2y plus the technicians work.

Can you provide transit plates ?

Yes. Transit plates cost 490 EUR.

This includes:

  • License plates
  • Insurance RC (Responsabilité civile) – others cars damages are covered. Your car damage is not covered.
  • Validity 1 month

To have the insurance covered also for the damages of your own car, you need to take contact with an insurance company of your choice.

I will export the car to my home country. Do I have to pay VAT ?

NO VAT is payable

When the car is owned for more than 6 months or has over 6000 km.

VAT is payable 

When the car is owned less than 6 months or has under 6000 km.

If you are resident in one of the EU countries you will pay VAT in the country of your residence on new car purchased elsewhere in the EU.

Based on the ‘quitus fiscal’, a document that you will provide to us, that you settled the VAT payment in your home country, we will reimburse you the VAT amount paid in Belgium.

Can you ship my new Volvo to any destination worldwide?

We provide shipping service to any country Member of the European Union and to countries Members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). This service is an external service and is charged to you in a separate invoice. You are welcome to contact us for a quote. Ms Frontini at +32 474 10 99 18 or at b.frontini@acbrussels.be

I have been nominated under diplomatic conditions for a position in the United States. If I buy a new Volvo at your dealership to ship it to the United States, will the authorities claim the VAT?

For detailed information, you are invited to make contact with the Diplomatic Sales Supervisor, Ms Frontini at +32 474 10 99 18 or at b.frontini@acbrussels.be

I am a Diplomat excluded from VAT. Can I buy the car straight without VAT?

Yes, you buy your car straight without paying VAT, under the condition that you provide us with the VAT exemption form. You can request to obtain your VAT exemption form at your Protocol office or at the Ministry of Finance.

How long do I have to wait to receive the license plates for my new car?

If you are VAT excluded – it will take a minimum of one month. The procedure is the following:

As soon as you pay the invoice in full amount, you send us the payment proof. At that moment we will hand you over:

  • the invoice including VAT amount
  • the 705 form (pink form)
  • the certificate of conformity (CoC)

As you are VAT exempted, the CD license plates will arrive at your address. As soon as you receive your CD plates, you can call us to make an appointment for the delivery of the car. Latest on the day of the delivery of your new car, you need to provide us your original VAT exemption form, otherwise the delivery of your new car cannot take place.

Casual license plates – it will take two days. The license plate can be delivered to our garage. We will be in charge to make a copy of the plate and will install it on your new car.

My new car will be delivered with what type of tyres?

You will receive your new car delivered with summer tyres. Depending on the current stock in the factory the tyres brandname may be either Continental, Pirelli or Michelin.

If I order Volvo accessories, four seasons or winter tyres, do I have to pay the VAT?

Yes, you have to pay the VAT.

Is there a facelift foreseen this year?

In the automotive sector there is usually a facelift foreseen every 4 years. Most manufacturers bring out a new model, leave it on the market for about 4 years, and then bring it up to date. The life of a model then continues for another 3-4 years. And then a new model is launched again. Volvo is always very discreet when it comes to facelift (you can take the series 90 as an example where only slight adjustments appear).

Regarding the XC60. In 2021 the facelift will be super light. Customers who buy in 2021 can therefore be reassured about the aesthetics!

Is there any top speed limit integrated in Volvo cars?

Volvo limits its cars to top speed of 180 km/h. Volvo is also actively investigating how a combination of smart speed control and geofencing technology could automatically make cars stick to the speed limit around schools and hospitals.